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The BBEA does not at this time have a policy on, nor does it give advice relating to the treatment or prevention of Covid-19 (or any of its substrains).  Any views expressed are those of individual educators and do not represent medical advice, nor the opinion of the BBEA.

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We invite you to submit an article for Breath Notes describing research; new resources; courses; or interesting events pertaining to breath work and respiration.   Tell us about an interesting patient or case;  new revelations from your work with clients. 

When submitting an article, the following is requested:
• Cite references, as appropriate
• Include your name, credentials and contact information
• Indicate permission  (yes/ no) to publish your article on Breath Notes, and/ or website

Consider enclosing your photo, as well as a photo relating to article content

Mail articles or Breath Notes inquires to Dale Gregore at  BBEAnews.blog@gmail.com 

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Book Review

One of my clients recommended this book to me.  I wanted to learn more about humming since I had been teaching it routinely for years as part of breathing retraining and my client seemed to know more about it than I did…. “Humming many be one of the most powerful natural abilities that we possess.”

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We’re In The Middle of a Pandemic!!!

Not the Covid-19 virus and all its variants but something we’ve been unknowingly doing to our children. First, there are over 1 BILLION people in the world with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). How did that happen?  Well, it’s a sad story…..

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What Gets You Thinking

Reading the journal article referenced in this text made me think just as all research articles intend.  But here, the link with breathing and brain function/ cognition flashed in neon lights, reminding me again of the brain-breath connection.
We have all had the experience…..

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