I have been practicing the Buteyko Method for about two months. I ended up working with my educator one on one, as I have had a chronic cough for THIRTY YEARS, as well as sleep apnea and other metabolic issues, and I didn’t want to monopolize a group class with all my questions and problems!

Even though it was a 40-minute drive to the office, I kept reminding myself that these sessions were a necessary step to my healing, that nothing else I have tried has been successful, and that I would be empowered to continue on my own— learning to breathe in a healthy way could only benefit my entire being. I have always avoided drugs and surgery because they often cause further complications, and may not even solve the problem. For me, the CPAP was a torture device that caused further loss of sleep due to neck pain, aggravating my post-nasal drip and making a loud noise every time I moved a muscle! I like the fact that there is real science behind reduced breathing-- everything made sense, and my progress has been undeniable. These are the benefits I’ve received so far:

  • While I’m not completely cough-free, I am coughing less and am able to stop a cough occasionally.
  • I am sleeping better. This is huge. I no longer feel exhausted during the day.
  • I have less congestion.
  • I am calmer and not as depressed or irritable.
  • I have some control over my health. I can do the exercises almost anywhere because I have everything I need with me all the time!

I knew there had to be a way to feel better, working WITH my body rather than against it. I will keep up with the exercises and improve. I encourage anyone with a breathing problem to give the Buteyko method a chance.       --Susan

I started Buteyko breathing exercises in August 2008. Until then I had use a variety of asthma medications, for almost thirty years, mainly inhalers. I had been using Advair, a combination of a long acting dialator and steroidal anti-inflammatory prior to meeting with my educator. After about a month, I gradually weaned myself off of Advair. As a result of practicing Buteyko, I have not used Advair in over a year, and have not needed a rescue inhaler in almost seven months.       --Mark

My asthma was diagnosed at the age of 6 months. Our kitty had jumped into my crib to nap on my chest, and my mom thought it had smothered me because of my distressed breathing. I am now 55 years old and have struggled with asthma, allergies and the unpleasant side effects of medications to control my symptoms throughout my life. From the first day that I met my practitioner and began learning the Buteyko method, my breathing improved. I am amazed at the benefits that I have noted simply from breathing through my nose day and night. I sleep better, no longer snore and experience less difficulty due to climate changes when transitioning between indoor and outside air. The Buteyko “reduced breathing” exercises have also helped me to feel comfortable with less breath. This has decreased my anxiety when I do start wheezing because the feeling of having less breath is no longer a frightening sensation; just a signal to begin a Buteyko Asthma Action Plan. I have gained confidence and a sense of independence by practicing the daily breathing exercises and learning techniques for dealing with specific conditions, such as exercise-induced shortness of breath, excessive coughing or feeling an infection coming on. I now know there are steps I can take to accurately assess the severity of my symptoms without lugging around a peak flow meter and effective interventions I can use without automatically reaching for my rescue inhaler. I continue with treatment as prescribed by my doctor; however I need significantly less of the medication that I take on an “as needed” basis. I would encourage anyone with asthma to give it a try!       --Carol

After working on the Buteyko breathing technique, I no longer have asthma, and my food allergies and overall health have highly improved. It is wonderful to breathe easily and be rid of those medications. I still practice some of the breathing methods so as to continue improving my health, and rid myself of allergies.       -- Anna

For several years I coughed from undiagnosed acid reflux. It was finally treated, but by then, "hidden hyperventilation" had replaced it. The coughing just continued, and various specialists had no idea why. I'd be so breathless after walking into my office from the parking lot that I couldn't speak for a few minutes. I'd sit at the back of church, knowing I'd be in and out due to extended coughing spells. Within three days of starting Buteyko, the change was amazing!! I can't say enough for the difference Buteyko has made in my life!! -- Carolyn

I took Buteyko Breathing training in the early months of 2009. The information presented was very interesting to me, as I had asthma as a child, and recently had been having very poor sleep quality with symptoms such as loud snoring, waking up often, being exhausted and lethargic upon awakening in the morning. And definitely had problems breathing through my nose. The exercises that were recommended were simple, yet rigorous as they required daily discipline. After doing the exercises for a number of months I had begun feeling positive physical affects. Now almost a year later, I must admit that I am lax as far as doing the daily exercises, but continue to have awareness of when I am breathing as suggested (through my nose) and when I am not, and can notice the difference in the way I feel. My ability to breath consistently through my nose has improved markedly. I also continue to enjoy much better and deeper quality of sleep, which for me is the best benefit. I definitely recommend Buteyko Breath training!       -- Mike