Member Publications

This page contains the publications written by our member Educators.
It should be noted that each Educator teaches differently. The approaches in general vary from mild to very severe.
Also, some publications are intended for specific audiences and are intended ONLY for those audiences - Oxygen Advantage is such a publication.

We also would like to say
It should also be noted that some people will do better with a stronger than a milder approach.
On the other side of that, many people will NOT tolerate a severe approach either mentally or healthwise  - some health conditions should NOT do long breath holds.

The BBEA strongly recommends that you take a standard Buteyko course for your own health before taking a highly specialized course.

Patrick McKeown
Buteyko Clinic DVD Set for High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic Hyperventilation, Snoring & Sleep Apnea Practice alongside internationally acclaimed author and Buteyko practitioner Patrick McKeown as he guides you through the Buteyko Clinic Method with easy-to-understand instructions and practical demonstrations.
The key to improving body oxygenation is not taking 'deep breaths'. In fact, you should be doing the complete opposite. Learn how to improve blood circulation and increase delivery of oxygen in the body with simple reduced breathing techniques and enjoy better lifelong health.
Breathing re-education targets the root cause of numerous common conditions, including stress, high blood pressure and sleep-disordered breathing. Reduce and eradicate symptoms with gentle breathing exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. The Buteyko Method is fully accessible and highly effective, producing noticeable results in as little as seven days.