How Do I Apply To Become A BBEA Member?

Please apply by joining this website and filling out the information requested.  Your application will be reviewed and if you qualify it will be accepted.

To be accepted you are required to have successfully completed an entire Buteyko Educator training with a trainer that meets the requirements of the BBEA.

What Training Is Required To Be A BBEA Member?

To become a BBEA Educator you are be required to undergo training in the Buteyko Breathing Method from a certified BBEA Buteyko Educator Trainer.

Clinicians, health professionals and natural health practicioners are particularly well suited to this technique as well as those with a medical background. Those without these qualifications will need to complete prerequisite learning before their Buteyko Educator training.

The BBEA is currently taking expressions of interests from certified Buteyko educators who have previously been trained by a recognized body such as Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health or the Moscow Buteyko Clinic.

Please contact us for further information.