"Becoming a Buteyko Educator is one of the most powerful and rewarding things I've done in my life. It's a wonderful means to change people's health and more than that, the quality of their lives"

          - Chris Bauman, Buteyko Educator, Trainer and BBEA Chair



If you're interested in a purposeful career, having a part-time business as a retiree or are looking to complement your current modalities as a health professional, this powerful breathing technique is the answer. Please contact one of our registered Buteyko trainers listed below.


Training Requirements

  • Buteyko Educator trainees must have completed/received the following before commencing their formal Buteyko Educator training: a) a Buteyko Breathing Technique workshop for their own health, b) an accredited post-secondary course in Human physiology, and c) a CPR and/or First Aid certification or equivalent.
  • Buteyko Educator Trainees must complete a BBEA approved training course taught by a BBEA registered trainer.  This includes all required theory, practical and course delivery classes.
  • Buteyko Educator trainees must successfully pass a rigorous evaluation period including a skills and theory examination and teach 10 classes while being observed by their trainer.
  • Buteyko Educator trainees must review all non-standard and difficult cases with and get the permission of their trainer before engaging the client.
  • Buteyko Educators must document and review their first 50 client cases with their trainer.
  • Buteyko Educators must continue their education process throughout their career including the accumulation of 14 BBEA approved continuing education credits every two years.
  • Buteyko Educators must demonstrate on-going proficiency in the following areas:
    • Basic human physiology and breathing anatomy.
    • Assessment of a client's health, condition and breathing.
    • Application of the Buteyko Breathing Technique appropriately for different health conditions and contraindications.
    • Asthma medications including how they work, side effects, proper usage and how to recommend safe usage reduction with the full knowledge and supervision of the client's doctor.
    • Application of Buteyko Breathing Technique exercises in relationship to exercise, sleep, diet and stress.
    • Communicating with clients properly, adjusting for different learning styles, ages and conditions.
    • Dealing with client concerns, compliance issues, and exercise effectiveness.